How do I sell gold?

When it comes to selling gold, there are many things to consider. This article explores how to sell gold reliably and to tell if it is a good time to sell gold.

How do I sell gold?

Owning gold is still a lucrative investment opportunity if you know when and where to make the sale. If you are looking to sell your gold there are a few ways to go about it depending on where you live if you’re willing to travel, and whether you have access to the internet. It is important to search for the best value sale so as to not lose out on profit, yet the best price does not always come from a reputable source. Selling gold requires wit and savvy, and the ability to research before agreeing on a price. Read on to find out how to sell and other helpful advice about this market.

Selling gold to a Reputable Dealer Online

The online world significantly revolutionised the gold trading market. Regardless of whether you have some scrap jewellery lying in wait or some investment bars ready to trade in for money, you will find what you need online. So, if you have access to a safe computer or laptop and a trusted wi-fi connection, this is a route worth exploring. Follow the steps below for the most direct approach.

1.     Turn on the device and open a browser.

2.     Use simple, short search terms such as ‘where to sell gold near me?’ or ‘buy and sell gold near me’ for the best results.

3.     Click around a few links and take your time exploring the options.

4.     Use the Metfolio app to invest in gold, and when you wish to sell, do so at the exact gold rate with zero reduction

Trusted Reviews

Does the company you're considering have good reviews? If not, move on to the next option. Reputable dealers and traders will be open about their transactions. They will not shy away from replying to or displaying previous client experiences. Reading through prior sales journeys provides you with oversight and deeper insight into how the company operates, treats its customers, and protects your interests. If there are a number of negative accounts that keep flagging consistent poor standards, you know it is time to find an alternate company. However, positive reviews may not always be reliable so it is important to verify the source and keep your eyes open for tell-tale markers of a fake write-up.

Online Presence

A website can tell you a lot about a business. Some basic positive attributes to look for are:

·      An online customer service live chat window.This shows the company is online and willing to help you.

·      An active blog. A site that is updated on a daily basis implies that someone cares about reputation and sales, alongside establishing engagement and rapport with potential customers.

·      Consistent branding. Does the company have a brand voice and logo? These things count because they speak to professionalism and investment in how the business looks to the world.

·      Clear, informative content about services and product options. When a company does not display what they’re about and what they offer, it is a big red flag. Look for a site page that lists core services and details on how to get in touch and find out more.

Advantages of selling gold online

There are some clear advantages to going online to sell your gold.

Sometimes you get a better rate

Generally, e-traders offer the best value for what you have to give. This means, over in-store transactions, you will get the most money for your gold if you go online. With Metfolio, when you sell gold back to us, we give you the full value back with zero reduction!

Online dealers take scrap gold

Lots of website dealers, unlike traditional jeweller stores, accept scrap gold and broken jewellery pieces too.


For arguments sake, it is worth noting the downsides too.

Your gold could be overvalued in the initial quote

Sometimes, what they offer might not live up to what they actually pay out when they receive your gold. Unlike stores, it is difficult toa ssign a true value to a gold selection without having the asset in real life to assess. This may lead to a depreciation in the final offer.

Delayed Payments

You will have to wait until the payment reaches your account, and this could take up to a week in some cases.

Selling gold to a brick-and-mortar jeweller

If you are not technologically inclined, or just want a face-to-face experience, there are lots of brick-and-mortar stores that will accept gold trades. It’s not just jewellers either, though these are arguably the most trustworthy and best value for return rates. Pawn shops and specific shops that advertise gold purchasing services are worth investigating too.

Don’t Settle Until You Have the Deal You Want

Finding the right price that suits your needs will take time and potential negotiation. While you cannot change the value of your stock, you can decide who to sell it to in line with finding the optimum deal conditions. Don’t settle for a lower price if you think you might find better elsewhere.

Is It a Good Time to Sell Gold In the UK?

It depends on when you bought it. Selling gold in the UK in terms of value and return fluctuates as with any market. However, if you are in a profit from when you bought it then you can sell with peace, should you wish.You can decipher viability in two clear ways firstly by checking in with the gold forecast and secondly through researching current gold prices on offer.

Price of Gold

Current prices of gold are subject to external factors, as with any trading market. There are things that influence the fluctuations such as economic and social climate considerations. For example, the current cost of living crisis may yet have an effect on the remunerative potential in days to come, but for now, things are holding steady.

This guide provides answers to the question, how to sell gold? The two easiest routes are through online platforms and local brick-and-mortar jewellers. Whichever one you decide upon, take precautionary measures to ensure credibility and a positive reputation. Read the review features, dig into the history of the company, and never part with your investment gold if you do not feel 100% comfortable.