Buy and Sell gold from just £1

Buying and selling physical gold on Metfolio is simple, and doesn't take thousands of pounds to start.

When buying and selling you can...

Own Physical Gold, Instantly

Metfolio allocates gold to your account the second you buy, meaning that all purchases are processed in real time!

With a simple interface that streamlines the process, you can own gold in minutes.

Get started
from just £1
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Sell back with no fees

Wave goodbye to 'selling fees' full stop! On Metfolio you can sell your gold back with no fees whatsoever. Just sell any quantity of gold above £1, and have it securely deposited via a secure, automated bank transfer.

3 days
automated bank transfer
No restrictions
sell any amount above £1
Detailed receipts
directly to your email address
Live prices
Time the moment!

How does Metfolio process my purchase or sale?

It is super simple! When you buy gold on Metfolio, our systems automatically allocate physical gold in real time.

When you sell gold, our systems un-allocate your gold, and trigger an automatic bank transfer to you for the value of your sale.

Meaning, that everything you see on your end, is also happening in the background!

How do I know my purchase is physical gold?

All gold purchased on Metfolio is 999.9%, 24k, LBMA approved physical gold.

We will never deal in paper gold, or gold ETF’s (as those are not real gold, just ‘contracts’).

How quickly do I get my money when I sell gold on Metfolio?

The minute you sell your gold on Metfolio, an automatic bank transfer is triggered, and you will receive your money within 3 business days or less!

That’s a promise.

What is the smallest amount I can buy on Metfolio?

You can buy gold, from as little as £1.

With Metfolio, there are no barriers to entry, we break them!

How much value do I get back when I sell gold on Metfolio?

When you sell gold on Metfolio, you will get 100% of the gold value back!

After seeing the extortionate selling premiums in the market, we believe that you should keep all the profits when selling your gold.

Which means, that there is absolutely no fee involved when you sell on Metfolio.

What’s the difference between buying gold on Metfolio and buying a gold bar?

Where do we start! On Metfolio you can buy or sell any amount of gold from as little as £1, 24/7, 365 days a year directly from your phone!

Whereas, buying a gold bar means you have to buy in larger quantities, and in whole numbers (10g, 20g, 50g, etc.,).

Whilst you can buy bars in smaller quantities, these are designed for gifting, as they tend to have extortionate premiums, making them unviable for investors.

Making Metfolio a great way to in gold conveniently, and on your ter