Better than your savings account

With full automation and personalisation, invest in gold every single month on your terms using Metfolio Goals.

When Setting up a goal you can...

Full flexibility

Decide how much, and how often you want to invest and we'll take care of the rest. As things change, you can change your Goal in a heartbeat.

Try it out
Start with as little as £1 p/m
Curate your Goal to best benefit you!
Work gold into your monthly savings
Edit pause, and restart your Goal whenever

Stay on top of things

Metfolio has clever features that help you stay on top of your progress. You can use real data to track your Goals and overall investments.

Instant notifications after every investment
See live in app how much you've invested
View all your transactions
See investments in GBP and grams of gold

How do Metfolio Goals work?

You’re going to love this one! Metfolio Goals is a unique feature which allows you to buy gold automatically from as little as £1 per month.

Just set how much you want to invest in gold every month, personalise your goal, and we will take care of the rest!

Can I edit my Goals?

Absolutely, just go onto the goals section of the app, and click edit!

From here you can configure your monthly payment dates, how much you are investing every month, and what your goals are!

To change the payment method, just click on the existing payment method and choose another one.

What is the difference between Goals and buying gold on Metfolio?

Buying Gold on Metfolio means that you manually complete each purchase, whereas with Goals you can sit back and relax.

For example, you set up a Goal on Metfolio, at £150 p/m, this means that Metfolio will automatically invest £150 into gold every single month.

What can I do after I hit my Goals?

You can buy any amount of gold, from as little as £1. With Metfolio, there are no barriers to entry, in fact we break them!

How much value do I get back when I sell gold on Metfolio?

Once you hit your goals, you can do many things.

You can keep it going for the next milestone, you can add your gold into your physical gold account, you can sell it, or even have it delivered (At no extra cost!)

How can Metfolio Goals help me?

Where do we start!

Having a goal means you can completely streamline your savings and investments, with minimal effort!

Moreover, you can diversify your portfolio with one of the most historically stable assets available, which has provided better returns than any saving account available.

Start from only £1 per month and start hitting those Goals!