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A unique feature where you can make gold work for you. Set it up once, and invest in gold continuously every month.

Fully accessible
Start from £1 p/m
Full flexibility
Edit and end anytime
Easy to use UI
World class
Vaulting facilities

Buy and Sell Gold like never before

No more worrying about storage, high premiums, and extortionate selling fees.

Buy and sell gold in the simplest way possible, and make smarter investments using live data in app.

Markets open in app
Real time
Gold prices in app
Take delivery
In increments of 50g
Get started
from just £1

Frequently asked Questions

How do I know my gold is secure?

On Metfolio, your gold is stored in bank grade vaults which are audited weekly.

Moreover, all your gold is fully insured by Lloyds of London and is full owned by you. Metfolio just looks after your gold.

Who is Metfolio regulated by?

Gold is an unregulated industry, however Metfolio upholds the highest industry standards when it comes to your  assets.

We only sell gold which is LBMA approved and 999.9% pure, and no one has access to your gold unless you perform a sell, or deliver action on the app.

How do Metfolio Goals work?

You’re going to love this one! Metfolio Goals is a unique feature which allows you to buy gold automatically every month.

Just set how much you want to invest in gold every month, personalise your goal, and we will take care of the rest!

How does it work if I want to have my gold delivered?

You can order a 50g bar directly from the app, and we'll process it on the very next day.

We'll keep you updated with emails and tracking links along the ride!

Are my personal and payment details safe and stored securely?

Your payment details are encrypted using bank grade 256-bit encryption, with no one at Metfolio having any access to your payment information.

We also use 2fa and passcode verification to safeguard the platform, and when storing your details.

What is Metfolio?

Metfolio makes gold accessible, and useful, for everyone, everywhere.

With an array of unique features, you can use Metfolio to make gold work for you like never before, and purpose it towards the things that really matter in life!