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Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Download the app

Go to App store or Google Play and hit download on the Metfolio app. Available for IOS and Android.

2. Create your Account

Just enter a few details and set up a passcode to create your secure 2 factor authenticated account.

3. Buy and Sell Physical Gold

Start from £1, go to the invest section or click 'Buy Gold' in the quick access menu, select your amount and pay. That easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to liberalise information on gold and help you as much as we can with your investment journey. Feel free to drop us an email at with any questions you may have!

Is my Gold Real

Metfolio only sells 24K Physical 999.9 purity physical gold sourced from the leading bullion refiners and LBMA members.

How do I save Gold

If you are looking to save Gold, check out Metfolio Goals. You can select your amount and recurring monthly investment date and boom! Over time your holdings will grow and you can sell in the future at no extra cost.

Where is the Gold Stored

Security reasons prohibit us from disclosing the exact location, but rest assured knowing that it is stored in a heavily guarded and insured (by Lloyds of London) facility, in London.

How do I know I own my Gold

When you purchase Gold on Metfolio, you receive a receipt to indicate proof of purchase and you can view your balance in app and also sell or deliver at any point for no extra cost.

How to get Delivery

Deliveries of your holdings can be done at absolutely no extra cost. Delivery currently comes in 50 gram formats, but we are working on more options for the future, so stay updated with our awesome weekly emails!

Payments we accept

There are no restrictions on credit cards and other forms of payment. We are also working hard to introduce Paypal and "Buy Now Pay Later" methods too!