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The benefits of metfolio:


enabling you to own 24KT physical gold stored in London in seconds.

Monthly auto-

saving your money in gold has never been  easier.

Everything is on your phone.

providing you with access to your gold portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Live spot gold prices in app

enabling you to make better investment decisions on metfolio.

No card fees

unlike most bullion dealers who will charge extra fees on card usage at checkout.

24/7 market

allowing you to process trades at any point in the day, even at weekends.

Get a live feed of your activity

see everything in one place, making it easier to manage your gold in app.
We back it up to make sure nothing gets lost
You can download your activity
Just click on something to see more
New House
2.721 Grams
Physical Gold
-1.23 Grams
50 Grams
2.22 Grams
Physical Gold
-2.345 Grams
New Car
3.456 Grams

Organize your accounts easily

Creating multiple accounts in app allows you to have separate gold holdings for different purposes, giving you flexibility and control.

Stay notified

Enable push notifications in app to stay in the loop with timely updates and personalised alerts, so you never miss anything.
Timely updates
Personalised alerts
Enhanced convenience
gold has increased 2% in the last 24 hrs!
your auto-investment has been processed.
we just made metfolio even better! update now
enable biometric authetification for increased security
invite a friend and earn £5.00 in Gold!

Invest in gold using your favourite methods.

Having every payment method available to buy gold in app means you can pay your way, making it easy and convenient for you.
Secure and encrypted
Saved in app for one click purchases
No extra fees on debit/credit card purchases

People love Metfolio

Rated 4.4/5 on App Store and Google Play

Great App

Used this app for the last few days, pretty simple and easy to use. Sign up was smooth and transactions were snappy. Keen to see new features down the line like price alerts.

Apple App Store

Nice and simple

just set up account, very easy to use so far.

Google Play Store

Very Happy

would highly recommend this app to my friends it's great!

Apple App Store

Great app for Savings

used for couple of days, great App for starting savings.

Apple App Store

Nice App

Easy to use and a very quick sign up.

Apple App Store

Very good app

The app is slick and easy to use there are some changes they could make like a swipe-able menu but other than that very good app.

Apple app Store

Gold starts here.

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Need help?


How do I open an metfolio account?

1. Download metfolio onto your phone
2. Click on 'sign up'
3. Enter your details
4. Confirm them and get started
5. Invest in gold on your phone

How do I buy gold?

1. Go to 'Services' on your home screen
2. Click 'Buy Gold'
3. Configure your quantity
4. Continue to checkout and process your payment

After that your gold should be visible in your portfolio.

How do I sell gold?

1. Go to 'Services' on your home screen
2. Click 'Sell Gold'
3. Configure your quantity
4. Continue to checkout and process your withdrawal

After that your funds should be available in your bank account within three working days.

How is my gold protected?

Metfolio Physical Gold is stored in high security vaults in London. Our vaults have around the clock security with 100% theft insurance coverage by Lloyds of London

How to get my gold delivered?

1. Go to services
2. Click on deliver
3. Select which gold bar you'd like to deliver
4.Confirm your address

Within 5 working days you will receive your gold balances in a physical format in the bar you selected.