Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy, a comprehensive document outlining exactly how we protect, user, and store your data when you use or interact with our services. Please read this in great detail, as it provides you with the full methodology, processes, and measures we undertake when interacting with you.

Our Details

Metfolio Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 14139437.


Metfolio collects and stores some of your personal information to provide you with our services and products, to operate as a company and to help improve our services for you. We also use a number of third-party companies to carry out certain processes which may require us to share your details with them This policy outlines the information we collect and use, how we manage it, and the context in which we share it with third parties. Outlining your rights on how we manage your information and how to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

How we collect information

We collect your personal data about you within the Metfolio app. Personal data means information about a living person which can be identified. The following Information will be collected when you interact with us and our services.

1. Upon contacting us:

  1. Contact information provided by you through social media, email, app, and website.

  2. Information provided by you when applying for a job or to offer a service to us.

2. Upon using our platform:

  1. Data on how you use our platform

  2. Information provided when signing up. Full name, date of birth, home address, email address, nationality

  3. Documents required to verify your identity and carry out KYC

  4. Nominated payment details

  5. IP address, device identification and operating system

3. Upon using our website:

  1. Data on how you use our website

  2. IP address

  3. Device details

  4. General Location

4. Third Party

  1. Information about you from third party services


Once you provide your consent, we will send you marketing content through our designated channels, such as SMS, email, and push notifications. This consent can be withdrawn at any point. If you would like to opt out of receiving marketing content, you can unsubscribe through the various buttons present or contact us through the platform, email, or support channels.

How your Information is used

The only time your information is stored is when we have a lawful basis to do this, our lawful bases to process your information are as follows:

1. Legitimate Interest in using your information for a function, but not in the case that it outweighs your other rights and freedoms.

2. You have given Metfolio your consent.

3. There is a formal contract between you and us, making it so that we have to comply with certain regulations and obligations.

4. We have an undertaking to comply with a legal requirement Lawful Basis Purpose Legitimate Interest Where we use your information for legitimate interest we have ensured that our
uses will not infringe on your other rights and freedoms. Our legitimate interest to use your information is to:

1. Allow you to use our services, e.g. Buying and Selling Gold.
2. Market our services.
3. Carry out business functions.
4. Improve and refine our services.
5. Guard against fraudulent activity and illegal activity.
6. Protect and defend ourselves against legal claims.Consent Where you provide your consent to us in order to receive marketing content about our services. Contract Where your information is needed to carry out a contract we enter with you.Legal

Where we:
1. Reserve information to bring and defend against legal claims.

2. need to record transaction details and information.

3. need to carry out a KYC verification as part of our compliance.

Information Protection

Metfolio utilises strict measures to keep your information safe. We safeguard against unauthorised access, changes, theft, and deletion of your personal data. We use measures such as:

1. Incident reporting

2. Cyber Security

3. User authentication systems

4. Disaster prevention and recovery

5. Training protocols for all staff

6. Limited access to your information

7. Inability to download your information

You will be notified in the event that an event where your information has been affected arises, with the regulator being notified as well as potential third party providers who manage your data.

Sharing your Information

Your information is shared with the employees of Metfolio who need the information so you can
utilise our services, offer support, answer questions, and optimise the platform and its features. Also, where you give your consent, to contact you with marketing content. The information shared with third parties are to provide the following functions for our services:

1. Analytics on usage and trends

2. Traffic and Web Analytics

3. Marketing where we have your consent

4. Customer Support and Feedback

5. KYC and identity verification

6. Emailing our customers

How long your information is stored

We store your information for the time that is requires for us to store it, based on the purpose

we received the information for. Information such as:

1. To engage in a contract with you to provide our services is kept until the contract is


2. For legal and regulatory reasons, we have to keep your information for a set time after

our business relationship with you ends, typically lasting 5 years.

3. To fulfil our legitimate interests of fulfilling our services to you whilst you remain a

customer of Metfolio.


You have rights by law and this policy regarding your data. You have the right to:

1. ask us to access the information we have about you.

2. ask us to erase your information that we store.

3. ask us to send you or another entity a copy of your personal information.

4. ask us to update any of your information that is incorrect.

Contact Metfolio

Please contact us via email, our support channels or SMS if you have any doubts or queries about this policy and we will assist you. The Information Commissioner’s Office can be contacted if you are unhappy with the way we collect, store, and use your information. Before escalating to this point, please do contact us and we will try our best to resolve any concerns you may have.